Part of The Guild Hall Campus

The Guild Hall is a five-building campus - located between Montgomery Street and MLK Jr Blvd - built expressly for nerdy, geeky, creative types to work, play, collaborate, and just hang out. Miskatonic Labs is home to our makers, coders and designers. The Guild Hall Arena is where members can enjoy gaming of every type. Across the street from the Arena, you can find our game store, The Guild Hall Armory. The Chromatic Dragon, right next door to Miskatonic Labs, is Savannah's first and only gamerpub. And, coming in October 2015, 8-Bit Donuts will bring together three of the best things in life: coffee, donuts and retro 80s arcade games.

Oh, What Beautiful Toys!

After all, every mad scientist needs a well-stocked laboratory.

Desktop Fabrication

We've acquired and/or Kickstarted half a dozen different 3D printers (including one called PancakeBot!!!). Design 3D models using our PC lab, or scan objects with one of our digitizers. We also have a variety of other desktop fabrication equipment, like CNC routers, mills, laser cutters and more.

Start 3D Printing!

Computer Design Lab

Enjoy two computer labs chock full of both PCs and Macs, each loaded up with digital design software, like Adobe Creative Cloud, Rhino, and Maya. Get hands-on with your digital illustrations using our Cintiqs. Or just hook up your laptop to one of our 27" monitors and code into the wee hours of the night.

Electronics & Microcontrollers

Explore the world of robotics, physical computing and programmable devices, from arduinos to Raspberry Pi to printable circuits. We've got a variety of components, kits and testing equipment to let you create just about anything you can imagine.


Design software can be expensive and inaccessible, but we offer access to a variety of applications for everything from illustration to animation to 3D modeling. We've got dev tools and code libraries for programming, too. And if we don't already have it, we might be able to get it.